Monday Childhood Loves... The Babysitters Club

When I was a young girl reading was my favorite escape. I would literally get so absorbed in the stories I couldn't put a book down without finishing it and prided myself in reading a book in a day or less. I really couldn't relate to many of the characters I spent hours reading about but I could always go with them and at the time that was a great option!

Growing up my house was literally two blocks away from the neighborhood library and as soon as I was able I had my very own card and would walk my little seven year old self to the library to take home as many books as they would allow.

When I first began reading chapter books my fave were the The Babysitters Club series. I loved little babes and imagined myself old enough to babysit and imagined I too would start a similar club when I was of age.

babysitters club

I couldn't tell you now what any of the books were about, but I do know that I had my favorite sitters and I loved the cover illustrations of the 90s!

Did you ever read The Babysitters Club series? If so when you grew up did you babysit? I always wanted to but never got the chance...

loves- Cookie Louise

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