Bostons Are For Kissing...

Trust me when I say this....I have had sweet Cookie Louise to kiss on for 12 years and it's defiantly what she was born to do... love and be loved! So today just sit back and enjoy these sweet Boston Terrier Etsy finds that remind me of my little girl...

I would love to have a little warmer like this to protect my hands from hot coffee cups!

What a cute little reminder to sit near your sewing machine!

I NEED this little face in my studio, it is the perfect quizzical Boston look!

What a cute little planter ready for some spring pretties to brighten up your space!

I love the look of this vintage card, if I were better in photoshop I'm sure it could be turned into super cute printables...


Hope you are having a fantastic Thursday, click on the links to see who these sweet Bostons blong to...

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. Fun! I love Bostons too. I don't know what I would do without my Boston Loofa. She is my Princess Sunshine Flower Pants. Thank you for including my vintage planter in your blog.

  2. Oh, these are incredible!! I need that sign next to my sewing machine for sure. I had a total disaster making an iPad case last night...dangit!

  3. Cute little Bostons! Adorable!

    <3 Danielle from