It is by God's grace that I have been EXTREMELY busy the past few days. The Lord has blessed me with my first wholesale order so please excuse my lack of posts over the coming week.

I am thrilled to be thought of and asked for this project and although at first was super stressed I remember that He won't give me any more than I can handle! More exciting than the creating is the idea that I will be seeing women wearing something that I made...little ole me. I am so glad four years ago upon graduating college I asked my mom for a sewing machine as my gift. Who would have thought?

The more I keep my eyes and heart focused on God the more He keeps revealing Himself to me, as my ever present Father, Provider and Friend...He is ALL that I need!

So please stop by and leave a little encouragement throughout the week, I certainly appreciate all of your sweet comments!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. Christina!!! I am so sosososo so very happy for you. This is the best news all day and cheered me up. You deserve absolutely everything you are given for your hard work. You are an incredible person, and I am so excited that your store is growing. BEST OF LUCK!!! Ps--still love my flower crown more than anything in the universe. There will be an outfit post featuring it soon!

  2. Thanks SO much Amy! Your words are so sweet and left a little tear in my eye. I just can't believe in two weeks my little hands will applique 100 shirts, it's so exciting! Thanks, for the encouragement...you are the bees knees!

  3. Congrats!

    ♥ sécia