Thrift Adventure...

I have to be honest here... when I was dreaming up all of the thrifing I would be doing during my out of town trip I expected to come back with SO much more. I figured that the small towns would have the jackpot of all vintage goodies from housewares to sweet little dresses just my size. I set my self up for minor disappointment y'all...not one sweet dress with my name on it...not one.
However, I did find some super cute art for my studio, fabric and well...have a look for yourself.

Two amazing vintage flat sheets, about a yard and a half of super cute poly fabric and plenty of bias tape and hem facing! I didn't photograph all of the bias tape I bought not to mention left for someone else at the Goodwill...some little lady was quite the sewer! As I stumbled upon these two sheets I looked around as though I had discovered gold, I quickly grabbed them up as if someone were going to come and snatch them away from me...silly girl!

A boatload of vintage patterns all for around forty cents TOTAL...score!

An odd Keane wood plaque...she looks so sad there with her little Siamese kitty. The colors are pretty muted but I thought it was interesting enough so I brought her home, maybe that will cheer her up!

An AWESOME paint by number landscape...again I was worried someone might take this from me as well.

Finally the sweetest Holly Hobbie needlepoint for my collection. This was actually purchased at the local antique mall but was at a pretty good price and I couldn't resist her charm. Plus I had won big on the slots remember...

I feel a ReStyle coming on with the hideous frame and am not too sure if I should leave the glass on...what do you think?


  1. Woah...uh-mazing finds. My dream is to find a paint-by-numbers, but it just doesn't seem meant to be. Sigh. Love those sheets and patterns, too. Love vintage patterns! But pieces always seem to be missing.

  2. My grandmother actually had a paint by number that my great-grandmother did...imagine my horror when my uncles told me they threw it away! I never use the patterns b/c they are always super tiny sizes I have BIG plans for a bottle of Mod Podge and the covers though...I just love the old artwork!

  3. So cute! I love thrifting in little towns too, and even if they don't have all I'm looking for I still usually come home with a couple things! Love those patterns though, and the paint by number is wonderful. I love your blog too! :)

  4. in my eyes, you hit the jackpot. those sheets, those pictures! i love them all and want to go shopping now to see if i can get so lucky!