I Wanna Be MADE...

So the producers from the hit TV show "Made" will be holding casting calls after each service at my church this Sunday. The are looking to do a more grown-up version this time around and guess who wants to be "Made"?

Heck yes, ME! It would be crazy not to at least take this chance so I am going to pitch the idea of being "Made" into a professional blogger. Really my desire is to be a stay at home mama but by professionally blogging and having time to actually stock my Etsy shop the SAHM dream could be a reality!

The idea makes me really excited and REALLY nervous at the same time... I mean I don't think I'm TV material and then what if I was chosen... how insane would that be?

MADE: New Open Castings Added MTV's Emmy award-winning series, MADE, has helped hundreds of teens transform their lives by pursuing their dreams. Now MADE is coming to CMT -- giving parents and professionals the opportunity to achieve their goals. Do you have something you want to prove to your family? Do you often dream about getting back into your cheerleading uniform, winning a cook-off, rocking out with your old band or getting another swing at that pitch that got away? Well, now's your chance. If you appear to be between the ages of 25-50, we want to hear your story.

If you had the chance would you go for it? What would you want to be "Made" into?

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. i think your idea of being "made" into a professional blogger is pretty great! i am not too sure what i would like to be "made" into, maybe a super chilled yoga instructor who lives on the beach, that would be awesome (and the polar opposite of my current life!)

    fingers crossed!


  2. oooh lucky. I want to be made into a crazy amazing seamstress that can whip up a beautiful dress like it's nothin! GOOD LUCK!

  3. Thats so exciting, i love that show!
    I would totally want to be Made into a country singer haha.
    Loving the blog x

  4. I think that is an AWESOME idea....I would love to watch that particular episode!
    Just in case you have not had the meeting yet...I might know the casting director....if his name is Nathan.....tell him Ruby's mom from "The Beautiful people sez' his team should totally seize on this idea!

  5. Jungle: I already tried out on Sunday morning and it was one of the producers that was holding the casting call. I wasn't called back, I guess a TV show about blogging isn't all that interesting ;) Thanks though!