Being A Blessing To Others...

Saturday was quite the amazing day so much so that I forgot to pull my camera out the entire time. I know that is a blogger no no but sometimes you just need to enjoy the moment without trying to perfectly capture it for the masses, right?

The day began with a beautiful bridal shower for an absolutely stunning young bride-to-be. The company, food and games were all perfect and I was so thrilled to be able to share such a special time with such special people. I know, I'm gushing but I take showers and such very seriously... they are such personal events that signify some of the most important times in our lives and I feel as though it's an honor to be invited to celebrate the occasion.

That afternoon I rode along with my Mister to show a house that he has listed for rent out in the burbs. While we were out on that side of town I had him stop at the Goodwill, I had never been to this one and just had to take a look. It was pretty awesome but even more over priced than the stores in town. I still ended up leaving with two needle points for my collection because they are so hard to find and were still cheaper than curated prices.

(pics to follow after a little frame re-do)

After all of that excitement we decided to spend the evening giving back to the community and followed along with the Salvation Army Food Truck and just loved on people, passed out clothes and food and prayed for those who were hurting. I am always a little nervous at first but once I said my first prayer all of my nerves flew out the window and I was ready to serve these hurting people!

One sweet lady that was there for something to eat had two little ones with her, one of which was a tiny few week old baby. Baby J was having some issues breathing and we were asked to take them to the local Children's Hospital, it was our pleasure! The entire way there we were able to minister to this sweet mother and show her just a tiny smidge of the compassion and love that Christ has for us. The next day at our church's main campus I was told that she came to church at our Westside campus and was inquiring about baptism and was also going to attend our women's conference later this week. I was overjoyed to hear this news and just as excited to find out that baby J was doing fine and only had a bad case of reflux!

Praise God for this sweet mama and for letting me be a part of His plan, these are the moments that define who I am. This is what I'm alive for... to be a blessing to others!

loves- Cookie Louise

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