Thanksgiving 2010

So this was my first Thanksgiving where I prepared the meal myself. The Mister and I decided to stay in Corpus this year instead of heading to the Texas Hill Country like we have for the past seven years! Needless to say I was a woman on a mission to prove to myself that I was capable of making a delicious home cooked Thanksgiving meal.

My mission began on Wednesday evening as I was given a half day off at the office...yay! I decided to do all of the dessert baking the night before so Thursday during dinner I wasn't checking on pies. The dessert menu consisted of Apple Pie and Banana Rum Toffee Bread...oh so tasty.

Once my first ever apple pie was ready it was on to the banana bread... sorry I don't have pictures of the banana bread but I have made this a few times before and wasn't as excited :)

After the dessert phase was complete I decided to make the cornbread for the dressing so I had one last step on Thursday morning. Side story: when my Mee Maw made the cornbread for dressing she just "knew" and there was no recipe. I recall there being a HUGE tub full of crumbled cornbread ready to be turned into dressing and thought I needed the same amount. Needless to say SIX batches later the next morning I would find out I only needed about TWO of these...oops!

So as all of this was baking I decided that as a proper wife cooking the Thanksgiving meal I would need a Thanksgiving apron...natch! So I retreated upstairs to my craft room and whipped up this little beauty without a pattern in about half an hour!

Thanksgiving morning was full of cinnamon rolls, turkey bacon, the Macy's Parade and a LOT of cooking! I started with my stuffing and green bean casserole with homemade cream of mushroom soup and finished with roasted veggies and potatoes under the juiciest turkey breast my Mister has ever had with rolls and tea on the side.

I decorated the table with fall leaves and little pumpkins that held notes of what we were thankful for: health, family, friends and a loving God to name a few.

Everything turned out soooo yummy and to hear Ryan say how much he appreciated it was all I needed! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving with lots of wonderful memories made... It was wonderful to share with you all... now on to Christmas!

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