Throw Pillow Re-Do...

This past weekend I decided that the mister and I could use a new look in our master suite. By new look I really mean a look as we had pretty much turned our backs on the place when it came to decorating. So off I went searching for lots and lots of layers! I was pretty pleased with the final product however the bed could use some smaller throw pillows. I had two pretty plan beige and white pillows from our last bedding set and thought there had to be some way to pretty them up...

Up to the craft room I went in search of some way to make these little pillows match our new decor. Months ago I had purchased the most adorable canvas fabric at Jo Ann's just waiting for the perfect project to come along and I think I've found it.

The Ruffle Throw Pillow Tutorial...

You will need:

Throw pillows
12 x 12 square of fabric
Four 24 x 2 strips of coordinating fabric
Heat n Bond
Hot glue and gun

First, the beige square in the middle of my pillow was 12 x 12 so that was the amount of fabric that I needed to cover as there is no more beige in my bedding. Once the fabric is cut out set your iron to the medium setting and apply the same dimensions of heat n bond to the back of the fabric per the instructions.

Once you have your fabric square ready to go heat n bond attached and all you will peel the paper backing off and position on your pillow then iron that puppy on. It's kinda awkward at first but just press down and it will work.

Now that the fabric is bonded on it's time to add more interest and clean up the edges with some ruffles!

To make ruffles you are going to need to cut your fabric about twice the length of each side of the square.

To make a ruffle on your sewing machine set your tension, length and stitch to the longest setting. On my machine that is the highest number. Place your fabric strip on the machine and sew a line down the middle. Do not backwards stitch at either end or you will not be able to pull the thread and ruffle the fabric.

Once you have sewn each strip of fabric take one thread from one side and pull and you will begin ruffling the fabric. You will have to slide and pull the fabric and move it around until it suits your taste.

Once all of the ruffles are made I pinned them to the pillow to see exactly where I wanted them positioned. Then I just hot glued them down and WA-LAH!

How cute is this little bee pillow? All of the tools I had on hand so this was a free project that only took half an hour, how awesome is that?

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