Not So Spooky Halloween Sign Tutorial...

So around my house we are just starting to collect things to decorate for the fall season... as newlyweds we focused on getting our Christmas stash built up before we moved on to fall! Now that we have successfully completed our "Griswold Family Christmas" collection it's time to move on... and on a budget!

Today I would like to show you how to make a "classy" Halloween sign to hang around your casa. I really don't decorate for Halloween since I feel like the fall decor can stay out longer and frankly our budget won't allow me to go crazy for three holidays three months in a row...ya feel me?

So lets get started with your materials:

Mod Podge
Foam Brush/Paint Brush
Staple Gun
Cardboard Letters (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for a buck seventy seven a piece!)
Scrapbooking Paper

Ok... once you have all of that you are going to trace your letters onto the scrapbooking paper then cut out. Remember letters like "B" will need to be traced backwards...

This project is so simple, all you do next is cover your letters with Mod Podge, place your paper cut outs on top then cover those with Mod Podge and let dry...

Once dry turn your letters over and use your staple gun to attach your letters to one another. Next use whatever you have laying around raffia/yarn/ribbon to use for hanging your new sign... I choose yarn from a previous wreath I made.

Wa-Lah! Look how pretty and classy my "BOO" sign is next to the fire place...yes I leave my God Bless America up all year because I love this country!

Hope you enjoyed my little project, feel free to comment and tell me about what you are making. Today I am linking up to the following:

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