Exciting Things Happening at CLP


Do you want a peek inside the craft room where all of "the magic" happens? I am really excited to show you because just last week my craft room went from blah beige to awesome aqua!

I covered the new fan's blades with grey and yellow printed floral fabric and they really add that special something to the room... I plan on using the same fabric to cover the plate covers as well.

I still haven't decided what kind of artwork or storage ideas I want for the walls yet, so sorry those are still a little bare but I'll get there! I also want to make some cheery little curtains since the mini blinds just don't do it for me creatively ;) agreed?

Thanks for stopping by and taking the tour!


Cookie Louise

1 comment:

  1. I love the fan.
    It was cute.
    I saw your projects restyle.
    I am following you now! return the favor? hope to be friends!
    Karen (from Brazil)