When Your Dream Becomes Reality...

My life as it is now is something I’ve wanted for a long time. I have prayed fervently for this moment hoping it would come and wondering when that would be and exactly what that would look like. Now that its here I really haven’t embraced the change. You see for a few years now I have wanted nothing more than to be able to stay home and sell vintage, craft, take care of the house and have a nice dinner ready for my sweet husband when he gets home. Now that I have all of that at my fingertips I find myself struggling physically and emotionally. Completely changing the same routine after six years is not as easy as I thought it would be. I remember walking down the halls at my old office wondering if I would ever NOT be doing what I was doing. Thinking there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I find myself battling a depression of sorts… wanting someone to visit with, to talk to and trying to get used to the solitude.

(If you know the source of this photo please let me know)

Have any of you struggled with this kind of change in your life? How did you cope? It’s hard not to give myself a long list of things to do everyday then beat myself up for not completing them all. It’s definitely time to end the pity party and rejoice in the fact that God saw this time as perfect for me to begin a new journey.


  1. I had some of those same feelings when it was time for me to leave my job almost a year ago. It helped me to make mini lists so I felt like I did something with my day, and then extra things were a bonus! I also reminded myself that it was okay to take a day and just sit and read or watch t.v., even if you work from home you can take days to just relax and do nothing. Building your dream and taking care of the house and your husband is a job, I have to remind myself of this all the time!

  2. I'm so happy to read your words of happiness and gratitude. After all, all the good fortune in the world isn't worth anything without the gratitude that lets you enjoy it!

    About 3 years ago, I shifted dramatically from enjoying my "extended adolescence" (a 20 something life of zero responsibility) to plunging into the adult life I never knew I wanted -- when my fiance and I decided to be together. That meant embarking on a huge change! Marriage! Home ownership! My beloved stepdaughter! :)

    I've since said often that sometimes, if you have the audacity to dare speak out loud to the universe what you *think* you want, a higher power might just reward you for your impudence by revealing to you your *true* desires. And happiness you never knew lies waiting in the fulfillment of those desires, if you're humble enough to admit you've been wrong, and brave enough to take on all the challenges of new and unknown territory.

    I've coped at every moment by thanking God for giving me these chances to fulfill my life's potential. Gratitude, baby, it's the secret to happiness! I also continually ask for help in being the kind of person who deserves the wonderful things in my life. Good luck, babe!

  3. I wanted nothing more than to stay home and craft as well. When my daughter came along, I got the go ahead to do so and well, I totally struggled too. It's been almost 2 years and I STILL struggle. I've found that if I can get a few workouts in, have some sort of {loose} schedule and take Fridays off from my Etsy shop/website, I'm much happier. Good luck! It's quite an adjustment! (I went from working 60 hours/week in Dallas to SAHM/Etsy Shop Owner in CC. Huge adjustment, but it works.)