Bottled Up...

Something that I have learned along the way is to stop keeping things bottled up inside me. I'm not necessarily speaking of negative thing here either. Really I'm talking about sharing with others on how they may have impacted your life. I think we all crave words of encouragement, I know I do... however, being the one to encourage others can sometimes be much more rewarding. Last week I was able to share with a friend how a book she had written significantly changed my life and the future generations of my household. This is something that changed in me almost two years ago and why I didn't share with her sooner... I have no idea. Today I read one of her blog posts where she talks about how what I shared with her was a blessing she experienced that day. In that moment I believe we bonded on a deeper level than I could have imagined. Two sisters in Christ working for a common goal each blessing the other in profound ways.

I like the way the Lord works and can actually say that I am enjoying the ride. I don't always understand why things happen the way they do but that's because it's His timing and His planning and not my own. Sometimes if we are lucky enough, He gives us little sneak peaks into this plan of His and it's in those moments I am eternally grateful for His bigness! So during this holiday season go ahead and let it out, don't keep your thank yous and encouraging words to yourself... by blessing others you just might be able to bless yourself...


  1. I totally agree. I keep wanting to tell my Grandma about the impact she's had on my life but for some reason I keep pushing it back. I have no idea why. Thanks for this post.


  2. Arielle,

    As someone whos grandmother changed her life...do it NOW! I wish I would have before it was too late, for me it won't happen this side of Heaven... Thanks for reading and encouraging me!!

  3. Love you sweet friend! May we all learn to be better encouragers.