Mended Heart...

Let me tell you a little story of how my heart was broken this weekend. I'll start by saying I have baby fever...BAD. If there is one thing I was put on this earth to do it is be a mother. Ryan and I are finally at a place where we are ready to start trying and fully rely on God to bless us with a family so my emotions are a little crazy at the moment.

Last Thursday when I got home from work I found a scruffy little puppy in my backyard. He was kinda mean and covered in fleas but oh so cute. I decided instantly I wanted to foster him out to a good home but in my heart I wanted to add him to our family. Logically I didn't think keeping the little guy was an option as we already have four pets... I get crazy looks from people when I tell them this so what would they think if I had five?

After a bath and some cuddles he was a new pup and since a cold front came in we just reported him with the lost pet hotline and went to bed. The next day at work I asked around if anyone was interested in adopting the little guy with not much luck. We spent the evening hanging out and as time went on I felt my heart open up to his sweet little face. Saturday morning we took him to the vet to see if he was microchipped which he wasn't and Dr. M was nice enough to give him his shots a bath and some flea meds. We were informed that he is a Yorkiepoo around three to five years old. As Saturday passed I rather enjoyed his company while I cleaned and hung out in my craft room. Feeling like something needed me that was so small just melted my heart and I was really hoping that we would just keep him as we had no takers.

{He kinda looked like this}

All the while I was secretly getting attached I was trying to stay logical...asking myself if I would still want him if I were to get preggers and things of that nature. Could we even afford to have a fifth pet on our vet bill? Later that day our neighbors across the street decided to give him a trial run to see if their sweet daughter could handle the responsibility and that's when my heart broke... I knew it would be a great place for the little guy but in my heart he was already mine. A few days later and the trial is over and now sweet Benny (as they have named him) has an amazing family to shower him with love and attention.

All week I have been trying to fill a baby sized hole in my heart with a puppy... It has been really difficult and to those of you without animals I know I might sound CRAZY! I have prayed for God to mend my heart and for His will to be done in my life and He has answered...after all He IS faithful. In time I will receive the desires of my heart and I will have a little one to care for and love, I have four sweet pets that love me and life is good. Thanks for listening because there is something therapeutic about writing it all out. It's all in His perfect timing...


  1. awww, christina, what a beautiful post.
    in my experience, He may not always give us everything we want when we want it but He will always give us what we need when we need it.


  2. Chrissy, thank you for your words...they were just the reminder that I needed...you are SO right!