Birthday Wish List...

Yesterday marked exactly one month until my 28th birthday... I am still in denial of this fact. My twenties are so close to being over and adulthood is feeling pretty official. I know I have mentioned to you all before how I still think of myself as the 18 year old who is just starting out on her own, so it's hard to believe a whole ten years has passed since then.

Well in honor of my soon to be birthday I have composed a short list of a few things that would make me squeal on October 1st!
Elsie's "Sewing Kit Dress"...it has spools of thread on it, seamstress perfection!
This Shop Ruche dress is perfect for fall layers and boots!

This is my dream purse!

I need some new neutral frames and these are too sweet...

And of course be still my heart anything handmade would definitely make this lady smile!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. if you end up receiving that cute sewing dress can i have the amazing shoes?


  2. You're a Libra like me! That must be why I adore you so much. ;)

    ♥ sécia

  3. awww...28!! i am 30...kinda sucks but i am slowly getting used to it. dig the frames...very cute.

  4. ahhh... even when you are over 30(im 33) it doesnt mean life has to be all serious.. you just need to find a balance...there is time for everything..to be serious and responsible and to a little mad and carefree.. Don t see the end of your 20s as an ending to something.. trust me,you wont be feeling any different..its just a number..:)
    i love that sweing kit dress as well!! so pretty:)