What I Wore...Handmade Vintage

Yesterday I stayed home with a little headache and accomplished so much as a one day stay at home wife. I hit up an estate sale, made french toast, baked chocolate chip cookies from a recipe I got out of a cookbook bought at said sale, made tuna fish the old fashioned way with eggs and celery for lunch, folded laundry and that was all before noon! Whew...

I loved every minute of it... I teased Ryan when I took some cookies up to his office that this "could" be his everyday if I were able to stay home!

This outfit is something I wore the other day and it would have been perfect for my housewifely (yes I just made that word up) duties yesterday...



Dress: Handmade Vintage/Thrifted (80's does 50's style)
Jewelry: My sweet husband
Shoes: Vintage/Thrifted
Lips: Just Bitten Lip Stain in "Flame"


The fit was so flattering and the best part POCKETS! Yes, any dress with pockets is perfect in my book...I really think ALL dresses and skirts should come equipped with pockets.

To end my day I watched "The Bride Wore Red" starring Joan Crawford circa 1937...oh the drama!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. I use to wear dresses all the time and I LOVED them. I so would have worn that dress. You always make me smile!!!

  2. I so agree with you on dresses with pockets! Sweet dress.

  3. Thanks ladies, I almost died when I tried it on and it fit! Totally ment to be...

  4. amazing day, amazing dress. wow!


  5. What a great dress! Love your made up word by the way...Im gonna use that ;)