What I Wore...

I felt amazing today... I finally cut my hair and this look was inspired by the cut. A little edgy, vintage and modern all rolled into one! I am over the moon happy with my hair... I feel like ME again!!

90s skirt

Fashion bloggers...how do you not make awkward faces? I feel so strange taking pics of myself and I come up with things like this...(go ahead laugh...I did)

what i wore

Tank: JCP
Necklace: Vintage
Belt: Vintage
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Target

vintage necklace

looks like someone is photo bombing me...

90s skirt
don't mind Roxi scratching herself...

Clearly I am loving the long skirts from the 90's...


Can you believe I scored these shoes on sale for only $3.24...eat your heart out!

I have a busy weekend ahead getting the house and us ready to head off to student camp for the week, do some relaxing for me ok!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. you look AMAZING! I love love love your hair. And those shoes. $3?! What the what? Love it.

  2. Thank's Amy! I know I couldn't believe how cheap they were and in my size!

  3. Love your hair.. it looks amazing!!!

  4. Thanks so much Charlie, you are too sweet!

  5. $3,24??? I don´t believe it?
    Beautiful hair!!!!

  6. I know...crazy!! Thanks Karen!

  7. Gorgeous outfit!! And I'm loving the short hair you're rockin.