Meet Garage Sale Kitty...

This little kitty doesn't belong to us but he feels like family. Last fall when I was having a garage sale this kitty hung out with me all day long...hence the name Garage Sale Kitty or GSK as the Mister likes to call him. He is like a real life version of Garfield...huge, talkative and hungry! Our neighbors across the street have semi adopted him and have been feeding him but I believe he lives down the street and is playing us all for fools!

Garage Sale Kitty


long cat

kitty stretch

He loves to be pet and can hold a conversation which is always fun. I suppose some of my neighbors think I must be cray cray outside talking to a cat but I just love to hear him respond!



GSK you make Southern Street a better place to be...

real life garfield

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. I love him. I talk to my cat constantly. I'm pretty sure our condo neighbors hate us because of it. i can't help it. I just love Royal that much.