BAF Student Camp 2011...Part One

Be prepared, you are about to be inundated with camp photos! Don't say I didn't warn you...

This was my third year to go to camp with Bay Area Fellowship's student ministry and my first with the Mister in attendance. It was such a wonderful experience serving along side my husband reaching students for Christ. Over the course of five days my heart was filled up and completely poured out...

ryan and christina



I had an amazing small group of senior girls some of which I already have great relationships with and a few who I just met at camp. Leading these ladies was such a privilege and an honor knowing that God trusts me fully with each of their spiritual lives as they spend their last summer at camp.

my girls

my cabin


There were many, many times when I just didn't know what to say but thankfully it didn't matter because the Lord spoke through me and answered my prayers to be His vessel. There were also times when I would share about something I was going through in life or might have already experienced and I wondered why I was even sharing that particular story... it didn't seem to connect. Then God just proves Himself to be so BIG and one of my girls would tell me how much she identified with what I was saying.


camp zephyr


It's weeks like the one I just experienced when I know exactly why I have lead the life I have. Times of much joy and many times of unbearable pains... without those moments what would I have to share for His glory? Why would I need a BIG God if I was able to do it all on my own? In my weakness He is constantly made strong so that others may come to know Him!




I feel as though this is what I was put on Earth to do... love on the next generation, share my life and shine the light of Christ on a very dark world. It's difficult to come back to "reality" when in your heart you know there is so much more that needs to be done. I feel as though I could burst with urgency to just reach out to others...my heart aches... and yet I know in Gods ever perfect timing I will be able to reach out in the capacity that I dream...




I close with a heart of thanksgiving that I could even be a small part of His plan, that I was allowed to be an instrument in changing the lives of 9 very special young women...


the mister

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. Love it. So glad you had such an amazing time! And I loooove love lurve your hair.