The Cutest Blog Post You'll See All Day...

Sunday evening after church my mom graciously offered to cook an early dinner for Ryan and myself. Gladly we accepted and headed on over for a visit and some mama style home cookin'! My mom lives in a small townhouse community known for the little lake in the back of the complex and mom's door faces this lake. It's always fun to go over with some old bread and feed the ducks that occupy the lake. Imagine my delight when we pulled up and saw this...

duck family

Yes, that is correct...13 sweet little baby ducks the little girl that lives inside me was over the moon with happiness! It was all I could do to restrain myself from trying to pick one of these little guys up...not that mama would have let me!

little ducks all in a row

So I did my best at restraining myself and we started over to the pond and fed some hungry duckies. After a little bit Ryan walked over to the water and we noticed all of these little heads beginning to surface and realised that they were turtles!

shake your tail feather
scary ducks
feeding the ducks

Seriously, there seemed to be at least fifty or so turtles peeking up looking for bread crumbs it really freaked me out!

too many turtles

Seeing all of this nature and new life was just what we needed to end the weekend...I feel beyond blessed to be able to experience God's creation!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. What in the world?!? Gimme every single one of those baby ducks and mini turtles. You weren't kidding with the cutest post I've seen all week. Ducks are secretly my favorite animal. They're just so awkwardly shaped.

  2. Yep, cutest thing of the week.

    ♥ sécia

  3. cute! Hope you enjoyed your lunch as much as I enjoyed the sweet homemade goodness that you sent my way for the Spring Pay it Forward!