A Spring Shower...

This weekend I am excited to be co-hosting a dual baby shower in honor of two friends I serve along side in our youth ministry at church. The theme we have chosen is "Cute as a Button" because one of my sweet friends is having a "surprise" and we didn't want anything to gender specific!

As part of the decor and my gift to the ladies I have designed onesies to tie to the chairs they will be sitting in at the party. I just love these vintage scraps of polyester and think the embroidery turned out pretty good for a novice like myself...

Aren't these little onesies just cute as a button? I love them and am going to start carrying them in the shop soon! I will share more pics of the shower decor after the even Saturday...have a wonderful Thursday!

loves- Cookie Louise

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  1. These are adorable, too! I made some hand-stitched onesies for a fall festival with the same saying...and they were a big hit.

    Good luck with the shower.