Pay It Forward Closed...


So, last week fellow blogger My Girl Thursday got involved in a little project called


I jumped at the chance to get involved myself and who doesn't love a little handmade goodness? So here is the deal...

The first five people to comment on this blog will get a handmade treat from Cookie Louise Please within the next three months. In return you must a: blog about Pay It Forward 2011 or if you don't have a blog Facebook about it or you can use Twitter. The point is to keep the craft love going. b: Spread the love and send out five things yourself, that's it! It can be big or small the point is to just pay it forward...

Remember the project is called Pay It Forward 2011 so you have to get all of your items sent out in 2011! I chose the three month time frame because face it, who wants to wait till October for something you won in March? Be sure to leave me your email address in the comment so that way I can contact you!

Thank you to all of the ladies who have signed up for Pay It Forward 2011, make sure to go to my about me page and shoot me an email with your contact info so I can send you your goodies! Don't forget to blog, facebook or tweet about this and pay it forward...

Good Luck,

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. YAY found you though my girl thursday!! I love this idea!!

  2. I love this idea and would love to be a part!

  3. I am for sure going to pay it forward. What a wonderful idea! I hope to see you & Ryan soon...Madi is 1 in 10 days! The apron is adorble by the way =)

  4. I love the idea of paying it forward! I can't wait to blog about it.

  5. Ok ladies, I need you to go to my about me section and send me your email addresses so I can contact you!

  6. Do you have room for one more? I want in!

  7. Are you getting my emails? I sent two, but I'm not sure if you got them! Eep! Let me know because I'm just s'darn excited about this project!

  8. hi i Have a question I'm playing this down the line and I'm trying to work it out so I see the post on some ones blog and post about myself then go back to that person blog to comment and they sent me something... so can I do that on and other blog too or just the one I posted about email BLISS.WDA@GMAIL.COM