Past and Present...

My mom and I (2-24-11)

Yesterday the wonderful Rachel of Smile and Wave fame posted some facts about herself from the past and present and today I've decided to join in on the fun and give you a little look into my life...


* Most of my childhood was spent living with my Mee Maw and Paw Paw. Some of my most cherished memories are at their home sitting in the backyard shelling bushells of purple hull peas and the like. We had a HUGE garden for many years and the times we didn't were spent at the farmers market. (It still amazes me I was able to have this experience in the middle of Houston, Texas)

* I grew up around nothing but boys! I am the ONLY girl in both my immediate and extended family and was the only little girl in the neighborhood growing up. Needless to say I have played my fair share of cars, cops and robbers, tag, hide and go seek and well plenty of boyish things.

* I never got into any trouble in school as a kid, frankly the one time a teacher asked me to be quiet in third grade I cried. Also, in HS I didn't miss a day of school until my junior year...hardcore!

* My elementary school PE teacher shaped my life...Coach Adams, thank you!

* In sixth grade I was an artistic roller skater and it was my life. I am talking about custom quads, boot covers, tiny skirts and a routine...the whole nine! Most of my days were spent at the Tradewinds Roller Rink and every time I hear "I Swear" I think of couples skating.

* I was a high kicking fool on my high school drill team and I still wake up kicking in my sleep sometimes! Being apart of the Gold Dusters was one of the best things I have ever done to make me the woman I am today. Boy, Ms. Buchner wasn't lying...on time is still late in my book! (If you aren't familiar with drill teams google Killgore Rangerettes...they were the first drill team ever!)

* I followed a boy to college...DUMB! However, I am so glad it lead me to Corpus Christi and the chance to meet my other half.


* I work for an Oil and Gas company in South Texas and this is CRAZY to me! I majored in Speech Communication and love everything crafty and artistic and never saw myself in the corporate world. Funny how life works out that way...

* I feel as though God put me here on Earth to be a mother and I can't wait for that dream to become a reality.

* My hubs and I have four pets (two dogs and two cats) and as of last week almost acquired a fifth! I told him people already look at me like I am crazy when I tell them we have four so their is no way we can take on another...let me tell you a four pet vet bill is expensive enough already!

* I love fashion and feel as though what I wear is artwork. This being said I am extremely shy when people complement me on what I am wearing...there is more to me than just the fashion.

* I have told my husband for a while that I wish there were more women around that shared my same passions...thank you blogger for helping me find these women!

* I work with the youth group at my church and also serve in our bookstore and it has changed my life drastically for the better! Watching teenagers draw closer to God and transform into these wonderful young adults is such a blessing... words really can't describe.

* I give my all when it comes to friendships and it constantly breaks my heart, I am learning to lower my expectations for others and understand that we are all different in this capacity.

Well that's a little bit about little ol' me. What about you? Share some of your past and present on your own blog!

loves- Cookie Louise

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  1. I love this idea so much! I think I'll do it tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration! And I was the same way in elementary school--I never got in trouble, but one time I corrected the teacher on a math problem and ended up getting the whole class double math homework! I sobbed for hours. Oh, elementary school. Thanks for sharing!