A Tribute To My Wonderful Grandmother...

Wow, I can't believe it's been five whole years since my little Mee Maw went to be with the Lord. Seems like just yesterday yet at the same time a lifetime ago. I suppose in a sense it was a lifetime ago as I feel like in our twenties things change so much in a matter of a year. There is so much growth still to be done, we essentially come into our own during this time.

The one thing that was said at her funeral that really changed my life was that she had a servants heart and that all she would have wanted was for her children and grandchildren to serve the Lord as she did with all their hearts, minds and souls. It really stuck with me then but I didn't really make the changes necessary at that time to do so...

All I have ever really wanted to do is make her and Paw Paw proud even though by many of my actions you wouldn't know it. I know that she has been with me through the ups and downs quietly encouraging me to do the right things. And now five years later I know that I am fulfilling her last wishes by serving God to the best of my abilities as she did. I have grown into a woman that I am happy and proud to be, I have come into my own during these last five years in an amazing way.

As I write this I realize an overlooked characteristic of this woman...her unending ability to not judge others and continually forgive. Those are two things I really need to work on but am grateful for the example she has set. I think we all wonder the kind of legacy we will leave when we are no longer of this Earth, at least I do. It's amazing to me the legacy my sweet little Mee Maw, just a country girl from Louisiana not only left herself but through myself and future generations continues to leave...wow. If I can be half of the woman she was I will be in good company!

Bertha I. Nichols 1942 (19 years old)

love you and miss you terribly Mee Maw...your Nina Girl


  1. She's so pretty! What a beautiful post. I never knew either of my grandmas, which is too bad because one was named Marvel, and I've heard that she was nothing but a spitfire. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Marvel, I LOVE it! It's so funny how most women of that era had that little extra oomph and sass. Hopefully the two of us have inherited a little of that :)