A Studio Peek...

So, I thought I would give you all a little view of part of my studio. I have a small collection of vintage needlepoint and framed embroidery that I love! I can't wait for my little collection to grow... I can totally see this little nook completely filled with more pieces!

The parrot and the packard were found this weekend at the Port Aransas city wide garage sale, I was more than happy to rescue them both. The frame around the parrot was made of some horribly beat up, splintery wood. As soon as I returned home I gave it a few coats of yellow spray paint and I love the way it pops!

The bright 70's floral piece was picked up at the Goodwill for only a dollar, I love a good bargain and cheery color.

The "Old Apple Tree" piece is a family heirloom that my great grandma Duncan embroidered while she lived in Louisiana. I am not too sure of it's age but I know it was before my time.

This yellow chair was my grandmothers and I am so proud to own it, the wood needs a little re-finishing but it's pretty much perfect. The afghan was another thrifted find for only a couple of dollars and I loved the idea of setting some of my childhood friends out for display and a good cuddle with a book.

In the future I hope to put a little desk in this space to process orders and blog but until then it's a sweet little corner of my studio!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. It's really just so pretty. I love love the two blues. And the embroidery is so lovely! I always look for stuff like that on my thrifting ventures with no luck. Hmm..someday!