Ice Day...

So, I know to many of you readers us Texans are pretty big babies when it comes to cold weather and you might get a good laugh at the following pics. Well I hope you do anyway. I just wanted to share with you the reason I got the day off from work, in all its glory...

Due to the ice in a matter of three hours last night we had over 100 accidents here in Corpus Christi alone! I am telling you these people can't drive when it rains let alone if that rain freezes. We made national news on the Weather Channel last night due to the high number of accidents...yay for the big time!

It takes feet of snow to shut down other major cities but here...just 15 or so ice sickles, priceless!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. Gracious!!!
    We are on Snow day number 4 here in Dallas! It is unheard of for DISD to shut down 3 days in a row...and we have now had FOUR!!! The ice is the element that makes things treacherous!
    Lovely little place you got here..I found you via smile and wave and your cutee restyle project!!!
    Stay safe.

  2. Stay safe up there in Dallas, I know ya'll have had the WORST of it up there. My co-worker actually went in today and slid down a hill through a stop sign...lucky she was ok. Thanks for stopping by the blog, I appreciate it!