Hello 2011...

I am so ready for change this year I can hardly stand it! I usually don't journal resolutions or things like that but I feel in 2011 it is so necessary...

I know I am 5 days behind on this post however that is because I have been being a good girl and sticking with my plan for 2011. Here are a few of the things that I would like to do differently this year:

Write a "to do" list every AM at the office and spend more time crossing those items off instead of on Blogger ;)

Hit the gym at least four times a week (two down so far!)

Write more "Thank You" cards

Spend Less, use my current wardrobe and re-work what I already have

Craft more and add more items to the shop

Blog more

Love more

and last but not least to continue to volunteer and serve my community!

I hope that you are able to meet your goals for the new year and just be a better you!

loves- Cookie Louise Pleaze

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