Gone are the days of dreaming of being a princess, ballerina, firefighter, police woman, sock hop girl. Now all you see this time of year is young women dressing up in provocative-name your flavor costumes. When did we ever dream of sexualizing these ideas, why did we let the industry convince us that buying this pre-packaged exploitation was normal? When did we ever think we would find ourselves in stores marketing their wears towards those who take their clothes off for money in search of the "perfect" Halloween costume?

Now, let me clear the record by saying that I too have been guilty of dressing this way on Halloween in my early 20s. All I am trying to get at by posting this is that maybe...just maybe we should re-think the image we are trying to portray. Hearing that young teens are looking to buy these exact same costumes saddens me, what kind of example are we setting for our youth? What kind of ideas are we giving men about the roles of women?

Personally this year I will be dressing up in the image that I wanted to be when I grew up... a mother, a 50s style house wife... most of the items I had on hand at home or constructed myself. Before you rush out to the big box store and purchase your attire for this years festivities take a second thought about what you can use your creativity to create yourself and take ownership of. The possibilities are endless...what are you going to choose?

50s Housewife

Can't wait to share my costume with you all after the Pumpkin Pants Dance Party at church this Sunday!

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